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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dear Amy,

I want to thank you for being such a great support to me. Not just through this weight loss wrestle but since forever.

Remember when it was my time to come to earth, we held hands and promised we'd be the best cousins ever! You finally came....almost TWO years later!

Ok, I don't remember that either....but, I'm 99.9% sure that's how it went down.

Remember when we were in high school at different high schools....that stunk.

Remember how my bishop's son took you to my senior prom!  Was that not the best prom ever?  A buffet dinner, dancing, a fireworks show and my best sister-cousin, all on a bay cruiser in San Fran Bay. My Heart Will Go On! Boosh!  Boosh!  Boosh!  Remember when we relived it a couple years later on that single adult bay cruise?  That was so fun too!

Remember when I lived with you for the summer?  And I never found a job.  That stunk...but only the no job part. Remember how you would come home from work and we'd watch "Garbage" together? Remember when we crashed the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and rode rides, ate very melty ice cream and walked hand in hand on the beach....ok, not hand in hand...but it was romantic.  Ha ha ha!  No, was SO fun!

Remember when we would cruise around in your Red Ford Mustang Convertible?  That was AWESOME!  Remember when I dropped something chocolate in there, and it rolled under the seat and you were pissed!  I believe I can quote you exactly, "Oh! Melted chocolate under the seat! That really ups the resale value!" and I said, "It has a thin candy shell, I'm surprised you didn't know that." and then you said, "You're brain has a shell on it."  Good times!

Remember dances!?!? I LOVE the way you dance! Especially the way you dance to Stayin' Alive. Amy you got some good moves and grooves.

Remember driving down to So. Cal. from Provo to surprise your parents?  Remember how my mom didn't want us to leave at night but we just had to get on the road.  Remember how there were snow flurries and the car kept dying and we'd pull over, say a prayer, talk about what we were going to do if the car didn't start and all three or four times it would start again?  Remember how it only did that during the snow flurries and was perfectly fine the rest of the trip? Remember how your mom (my beloved Aunt Nancy) was kinda worried about us driving that Honda back to Utah so we got to take the Suburban! 

Remember how we went on missions around the same time. Remember how when we got back we went to the temple every week for a year and most of those weeks we were together?  That was awesome! I think my understanding and love of the temple stems from those days, going with you. 

Remember how I saved my money and visited you in Hawaii!?!?  That was THE BEST!  Snorkling, sun bathing, beach walking, picture taking, temple attending, hiking (I know you hated that, but thanks for doing it anyway), Eggs and Thingsing, cruising around in Stella?

Speaking of Stella, remember when I had to leave a little bit of cheetos in the car and we curled the top of the bag around itself really tight and then put a binder clip on it and it STILL got baby cockroaches in it?  But, silly me didn't look in the bag first and was soon screaming!  Remember how we pulled over and jumped out of the car screaming and yelling "Killler roaches!"  Ok, that last part isn't true but we did pull over and get out and wiggle the heebie jeebies off.  And those guys skate boarding by wanted to know what was up. 

Remember how we got married in the SAME YEAR!  We couldn't have planned that better if we tried. Remember how we wore practically the same dress!  Ok, we did wear half of the exactly same dress.  Thank you!

I'm sure I'm forgetting a key remembrance but I think I've hit on all the highlights. I have great memories with you Am. Thank you, thank you, thank you, again, for being such a great friend, support, cousin, and sister.



P.S. I did the strength training today. I know why I've been putting it off.  IT'S HARD!!!  But, after, I felt great. Thanks for pushing me!

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