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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Becky's week 4

This week was great!  There is always more I could do in the realm of exercise but, you  know how it goes.

Exercise:  I worked Monday and Tuesday. Monday, I bought a scale to weigh me and a scale to weigh my food and I did this on my lunch break so no exercise...well unless you count bussling around Walmart looking for the scales. Tuesday, I briskly walked for 30-40 minutes of my lunch break. It felt great!  Better than errands and better than sitting in my car reading my book. Tuesday we also deep cleaned the orthodontist's office where I work and it needed it bad.  With climbing up and down from a chair, reaching, and wiping and moving furniture and dusting, etc. I definitely got a workout that day. Wednesday we went to the Manti temple and found it CLOSED!  There were some grounds keepers out and they told us we could volunteer to help clean. That sounded much better than just turning around and going straight home. We cleaned a room full of lockers and then climbed a bunch of steps because the lady we worked with showed us around and we got to see some cool stuff regular patrons don't ever see. It was awesome...and a workout. Thursday, I did nothing. I should have ran and done some strength training but I sewed all day and didn't even get dressed until around 4:00. I like those kind of days and they don't happen very often for me, lately.  Friday, I was going to run in the morning but Marley insisted on going with me in the stroller and I just can't/don't want to run pushing that anymore. So we walked and it was it was short because I forgot my inhaler and usually walks don't throw me into an asthma attack but this one did.  I'm planning on running today.  And I MAY or MAY NOT be running the Monroe 5k on October 29th.  More on that another day.

Now for the good part. Eating, weighing, measuring, calorie counting went SO well for me this week.  I think it was as a result of a number of things.  #1 I talked with Amy last Saturday.  She pumped me up and gave me so much encouragement and sound advice.  She is the one that advised me to just break down and buy a digital scale to weigh myself. I think that boosted my confidence because I wasn't just guessing or recalulating my weight. Clarity.  #2 I bought the scale to weigh my food and I measured and weighed EVERYTHING! no guessing or eye-balling. #3 I printed off a food journal/calorie counting chart that I made for myself. I printed out 5 on Monday (for Mon-Fri) and with that I recorded EVERYTHING - instead of cramming my record into my calendar book. #3 I used the Ultimate Calorie Counter book which I got for free online (because of a swagbucks amazon card) and looked up and recorded the calories for EVERYTHING! (I recommend this book and I do not recommend this book...more on that another day).  I managed my calories very well this week.  And...

From Monday to Friday I lost one pound!  I am now 179.6 instead of 180.8. I feel great!

I went to the doctor right as we were starting this and the doctor's scale said I was 186.6.  The scale I was using at home was a scale that spins and then bounces until it finally settles on little tiny dash marks and it was common knowledge that it is 3-4 lbs off...making you 3-4 lbs lighter than you really are. So, on that scale I was about 182.  It would be nice if the scale I bought on Monday was close in accuracy to the scale at the doctor and that would mean I lost about 7 lbs since we started...but, I kinda doubt that.  So, I'm pretty much starting from with the data from my new scale.  In my head my imagination....I've lost about 7lbs!!  ;-)

This was said on Unclutter sometime last year.  I saved it in my email drafts because I liked it and of course they were talking about uncluttering but I think it applies to anything we try to change as an adult.

"It’s hard to learn a new skill as an adult. We have to trust someone else to show us the way. We have to train our minds and our bodies to behave in new ways. We have to practice. We have to not be good at something before we can get better. And, we can’t dive right in and do it exactly the way we have imagined it."

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  1. I'm so proud of posted before me!! Ha! Way to go!!! Doesn't it feel GREAT to record something that is worth while. Good job!!