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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Becky's week 2 & 3

I've been pretty down.  The usual husband unemployed blues.  Conference gave me a little boost with clarity and perspective but, the clouds rolled in again and I lost sight of my goal. 

Week 2

I ran 2 days and cleaned the whole house one day.  Cleaning the whole house can be quite a workout.  After, I felt great and exhausted. 

I recorded all my food in my calendar book but wasn't very careful about looking up calories and keeping track.  I still call it a win because I wrote EVERYTHING down.  Just should have taken the time to put it in sparkpeople so I could have watched my calories better.  I never over ate so I felt good and disciplined. 

Week 3

This week it felt like I fell off the wagon.  It feels like we have been dieting for MONTHS already and it's only been THREE WEEKS!!!  Monday I worked.  No exercise.  Tuesday I ran 3 miles!!!  It felt great! Then Nathan and I had a bunch of errands; car registration, new drivers licenses and car insurance transfer from Braskie, and a Walnast run. Since all that had to be done in the next town and took all day we had to go out to lunch.  We went to, I'm sure the Mother of All Calories and Fat, Pizza Hut all you can eat lunch buffet.  Man!  I love that!  But, there is no controlling how much melted cheese goes in my mouth there.  Actually, there is not controlling how much of anything goes in my mouth there.  Wednesday and Thursday I no exercise. Eating on these two days I did great until it came to dinner.  I didn't stuff myself but I did eat too much. Also, the ladies I work with bring LOTS of treats and I caved in and had some candy, a crumb donut and a handful of honey roasted peanuts.  That wasn't all in one day but still. 

Friday I had: No self control!  I had two glasses of root beer and I haven't even had soda in a long time!  I figured that those two glasses of root beer was almost 800 calories.  Stupid! 

I also didn't record anything!  That's where I feel like I feel off the wagon.  I don't know how many calories I ate any day this week. 

But, I am resolved to keep a good perspective, have self control when it comes to eating and be disciplined enough to crack down on exercise.

My body is back to blah again.  No likey.

This is HARD!!!!!

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  1. Sounds crazy! You can do it!! Start again and make a goal to do better...I love you!! And I actually got on the scale after my post and I am down to 176. YOU CAN DO IT!!!!