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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Becky's week 5 & 6

This is going to be short and sweet.

Week 5 went great. I kept track of everything I ate and the calories.  I walked that week and I think I ran once.  It was good.  And at the end of that week I got to see Amy!  Amy it was great to see you.  I had brought my calories counting charts to show you how pimped out they are and what I've been eating so we could share some ideas....but, I forgot to share them with you. Boo!  But, it was so nice to see you.

Week 6 went fine. I didn't print off my charts at the beginning of the, I never printed them off.  I didn't count calories but, I still ate very sensible.  It is also Halloween week so we went to the ward party and had lots of sweets (including root beer, I couldn't resist mate).  And I'm surely going to have lots of sweets tonight and tomorrow.  I maintained my weight 179.8 not .6 but still that's maintaining.

I think I'm going to still stick to my calorie counting, but I think I'm going to go into maintenance mode soon because of the holidays.  I don't want to gain but I don't know that I'll be losing.  What do you think Am?

In a previous post I mentioned the Monroe 5K.  That was last night and I didn't run it.  I totally would have it hadn't been on a Friday night....I would have run it if it was this morning.  Excuses excuses.  I know.  Someday, I run in a race.  Someday.

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  1. I agree!!! It was soooooo freaking awesome to see you...nothing has made my year more than that!!!