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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Amy's Week 5 and Week 6

Welp, after a weekend in Utah and a week of not counting the calories, I'm up a pound and a half. So I'm hanging out at 173.4. I weighed myself the Friday before I left for Utah b/c I knew I would be indulging in super yummy, high cal foods and I was 171.7. I was 10 pounds down as of that Friday, but with everything that weekend and this past week, I DID NOT maintain!! Hee, hee....I made the conscious decision not to pay attention to calories this week b/c I felt it was driving me crazy, ever so slightly. So Becky, I'm on that same page as you, which is not being so hawkish and just letting myself monitor myself. Make good choices, portion control and, my favorite, eat lots of fruit.

Since I've started this journey, I've realized how much I LOVE fruit. I love berries and...ALL FRUIT. Ok, that's that.

I'm going to continue strength training every Mon. Wed. and Fri. and if it's warm enough get outside for a walk or a jog.

So in summary, Week 5 was awesome and then Week 6 was awesome too, just in different ways.

Ok, thanks for checking in. Until next time, "They can because they think they can." - Virgil

Becky's week 5 & 6

This is going to be short and sweet.

Week 5 went great. I kept track of everything I ate and the calories.  I walked that week and I think I ran once.  It was good.  And at the end of that week I got to see Amy!  Amy it was great to see you.  I had brought my calories counting charts to show you how pimped out they are and what I've been eating so we could share some ideas....but, I forgot to share them with you. Boo!  But, it was so nice to see you.

Week 6 went fine. I didn't print off my charts at the beginning of the, I never printed them off.  I didn't count calories but, I still ate very sensible.  It is also Halloween week so we went to the ward party and had lots of sweets (including root beer, I couldn't resist mate).  And I'm surely going to have lots of sweets tonight and tomorrow.  I maintained my weight 179.8 not .6 but still that's maintaining.

I think I'm going to still stick to my calorie counting, but I think I'm going to go into maintenance mode soon because of the holidays.  I don't want to gain but I don't know that I'll be losing.  What do you think Am?

In a previous post I mentioned the Monroe 5K.  That was last night and I didn't run it.  I totally would have it hadn't been on a Friday night....I would have run it if it was this morning.  Excuses excuses.  I know.  Someday, I run in a race.  Someday.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dear Amy,

I want to thank you for being such a great support to me. Not just through this weight loss wrestle but since forever.

Remember when it was my time to come to earth, we held hands and promised we'd be the best cousins ever! You finally came....almost TWO years later!

Ok, I don't remember that either....but, I'm 99.9% sure that's how it went down.

Remember when we were in high school at different high schools....that stunk.

Remember how my bishop's son took you to my senior prom!  Was that not the best prom ever?  A buffet dinner, dancing, a fireworks show and my best sister-cousin, all on a bay cruiser in San Fran Bay. My Heart Will Go On! Boosh!  Boosh!  Boosh!  Remember when we relived it a couple years later on that single adult bay cruise?  That was so fun too!

Remember when I lived with you for the summer?  And I never found a job.  That stunk...but only the no job part. Remember how you would come home from work and we'd watch "Garbage" together? Remember when we crashed the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and rode rides, ate very melty ice cream and walked hand in hand on the beach....ok, not hand in hand...but it was romantic.  Ha ha ha!  No, was SO fun!

Remember when we would cruise around in your Red Ford Mustang Convertible?  That was AWESOME!  Remember when I dropped something chocolate in there, and it rolled under the seat and you were pissed!  I believe I can quote you exactly, "Oh! Melted chocolate under the seat! That really ups the resale value!" and I said, "It has a thin candy shell, I'm surprised you didn't know that." and then you said, "You're brain has a shell on it."  Good times!

Remember dances!?!? I LOVE the way you dance! Especially the way you dance to Stayin' Alive. Amy you got some good moves and grooves.

Remember driving down to So. Cal. from Provo to surprise your parents?  Remember how my mom didn't want us to leave at night but we just had to get on the road.  Remember how there were snow flurries and the car kept dying and we'd pull over, say a prayer, talk about what we were going to do if the car didn't start and all three or four times it would start again?  Remember how it only did that during the snow flurries and was perfectly fine the rest of the trip? Remember how your mom (my beloved Aunt Nancy) was kinda worried about us driving that Honda back to Utah so we got to take the Suburban! 

Remember how we went on missions around the same time. Remember how when we got back we went to the temple every week for a year and most of those weeks we were together?  That was awesome! I think my understanding and love of the temple stems from those days, going with you. 

Remember how I saved my money and visited you in Hawaii!?!?  That was THE BEST!  Snorkling, sun bathing, beach walking, picture taking, temple attending, hiking (I know you hated that, but thanks for doing it anyway), Eggs and Thingsing, cruising around in Stella?

Speaking of Stella, remember when I had to leave a little bit of cheetos in the car and we curled the top of the bag around itself really tight and then put a binder clip on it and it STILL got baby cockroaches in it?  But, silly me didn't look in the bag first and was soon screaming!  Remember how we pulled over and jumped out of the car screaming and yelling "Killler roaches!"  Ok, that last part isn't true but we did pull over and get out and wiggle the heebie jeebies off.  And those guys skate boarding by wanted to know what was up. 

Remember how we got married in the SAME YEAR!  We couldn't have planned that better if we tried. Remember how we wore practically the same dress!  Ok, we did wear half of the exactly same dress.  Thank you!

I'm sure I'm forgetting a key remembrance but I think I've hit on all the highlights. I have great memories with you Am. Thank you, thank you, thank you, again, for being such a great friend, support, cousin, and sister.



P.S. I did the strength training today. I know why I've been putting it off.  IT'S HARD!!!  But, after, I felt great. Thanks for pushing me!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Amy's Week Four

Let me start off by saying that 1000 calorie burgers do not help the weight loss cause. That's my confession, you can assume what you'd like. Hee, hee!! I will say that b/c of the culprit, our Sat. has turned into a watch-what-I-eat day.

This week was good. To date I've lost 7 lbs as well. I'm pretty excited to be wearing, more comfortably, my favorite pair of jeans. I did my strength training Mon., Wed., and Fri. and that went well. As for my Tues. and Thurs. I tried to stay active. It's been super cold here in the mornings and I've just gotta accept that I won't be able to get outside for exercise anymore, well not for very much longer.

Not much else to report. Thanks for stopping by. Until next time, "I shot for the stars, but landed in the clouds." - Kanye West

Becky's week 4

This week was great!  There is always more I could do in the realm of exercise but, you  know how it goes.

Exercise:  I worked Monday and Tuesday. Monday, I bought a scale to weigh me and a scale to weigh my food and I did this on my lunch break so no exercise...well unless you count bussling around Walmart looking for the scales. Tuesday, I briskly walked for 30-40 minutes of my lunch break. It felt great!  Better than errands and better than sitting in my car reading my book. Tuesday we also deep cleaned the orthodontist's office where I work and it needed it bad.  With climbing up and down from a chair, reaching, and wiping and moving furniture and dusting, etc. I definitely got a workout that day. Wednesday we went to the Manti temple and found it CLOSED!  There were some grounds keepers out and they told us we could volunteer to help clean. That sounded much better than just turning around and going straight home. We cleaned a room full of lockers and then climbed a bunch of steps because the lady we worked with showed us around and we got to see some cool stuff regular patrons don't ever see. It was awesome...and a workout. Thursday, I did nothing. I should have ran and done some strength training but I sewed all day and didn't even get dressed until around 4:00. I like those kind of days and they don't happen very often for me, lately.  Friday, I was going to run in the morning but Marley insisted on going with me in the stroller and I just can't/don't want to run pushing that anymore. So we walked and it was it was short because I forgot my inhaler and usually walks don't throw me into an asthma attack but this one did.  I'm planning on running today.  And I MAY or MAY NOT be running the Monroe 5k on October 29th.  More on that another day.

Now for the good part. Eating, weighing, measuring, calorie counting went SO well for me this week.  I think it was as a result of a number of things.  #1 I talked with Amy last Saturday.  She pumped me up and gave me so much encouragement and sound advice.  She is the one that advised me to just break down and buy a digital scale to weigh myself. I think that boosted my confidence because I wasn't just guessing or recalulating my weight. Clarity.  #2 I bought the scale to weigh my food and I measured and weighed EVERYTHING! no guessing or eye-balling. #3 I printed off a food journal/calorie counting chart that I made for myself. I printed out 5 on Monday (for Mon-Fri) and with that I recorded EVERYTHING - instead of cramming my record into my calendar book. #3 I used the Ultimate Calorie Counter book which I got for free online (because of a swagbucks amazon card) and looked up and recorded the calories for EVERYTHING! (I recommend this book and I do not recommend this book...more on that another day).  I managed my calories very well this week.  And...

From Monday to Friday I lost one pound!  I am now 179.6 instead of 180.8. I feel great!

I went to the doctor right as we were starting this and the doctor's scale said I was 186.6.  The scale I was using at home was a scale that spins and then bounces until it finally settles on little tiny dash marks and it was common knowledge that it is 3-4 lbs off...making you 3-4 lbs lighter than you really are. So, on that scale I was about 182.  It would be nice if the scale I bought on Monday was close in accuracy to the scale at the doctor and that would mean I lost about 7 lbs since we started...but, I kinda doubt that.  So, I'm pretty much starting from with the data from my new scale.  In my head my imagination....I've lost about 7lbs!!  ;-)

This was said on Unclutter sometime last year.  I saved it in my email drafts because I liked it and of course they were talking about uncluttering but I think it applies to anything we try to change as an adult.

"It’s hard to learn a new skill as an adult. We have to trust someone else to show us the way. We have to train our minds and our bodies to behave in new ways. We have to practice. We have to not be good at something before we can get better. And, we can’t dive right in and do it exactly the way we have imagined it."

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Becky's week 2 & 3

I've been pretty down.  The usual husband unemployed blues.  Conference gave me a little boost with clarity and perspective but, the clouds rolled in again and I lost sight of my goal. 

Week 2

I ran 2 days and cleaned the whole house one day.  Cleaning the whole house can be quite a workout.  After, I felt great and exhausted. 

I recorded all my food in my calendar book but wasn't very careful about looking up calories and keeping track.  I still call it a win because I wrote EVERYTHING down.  Just should have taken the time to put it in sparkpeople so I could have watched my calories better.  I never over ate so I felt good and disciplined. 

Week 3

This week it felt like I fell off the wagon.  It feels like we have been dieting for MONTHS already and it's only been THREE WEEKS!!!  Monday I worked.  No exercise.  Tuesday I ran 3 miles!!!  It felt great! Then Nathan and I had a bunch of errands; car registration, new drivers licenses and car insurance transfer from Braskie, and a Walnast run. Since all that had to be done in the next town and took all day we had to go out to lunch.  We went to, I'm sure the Mother of All Calories and Fat, Pizza Hut all you can eat lunch buffet.  Man!  I love that!  But, there is no controlling how much melted cheese goes in my mouth there.  Actually, there is not controlling how much of anything goes in my mouth there.  Wednesday and Thursday I no exercise. Eating on these two days I did great until it came to dinner.  I didn't stuff myself but I did eat too much. Also, the ladies I work with bring LOTS of treats and I caved in and had some candy, a crumb donut and a handful of honey roasted peanuts.  That wasn't all in one day but still. 

Friday I had: No self control!  I had two glasses of root beer and I haven't even had soda in a long time!  I figured that those two glasses of root beer was almost 800 calories.  Stupid! 

I also didn't record anything!  That's where I feel like I feel off the wagon.  I don't know how many calories I ate any day this week. 

But, I am resolved to keep a good perspective, have self control when it comes to eating and be disciplined enough to crack down on exercise.

My body is back to blah again.  No likey.

This is HARD!!!!!

Amy's Week Three

I've plateaued this week and I'm gonna chalk it up to bloating, if you catch my drift. The week went by fast and painless up until Friday. Maya woke up way earlier than normal Friday morning and I did not have any desire to work out....NONE, Zero, Nada. BUT, I finally did and I was very glad I did b/c I struggled that day with my calories.

As of late, I've been eating less than my daily ration, not on purpose; I think I'm finally getting use to eating less. However, yesterday was different. For one it was raining and two there are only so many things you can do inside with a toddler before you start munching right along side them. We've been good about eating more fruit (Maya's always been good at that, thank goodness) and I felt like if I'm eating fruit it doesn't matter how much I does matter. Too much of a good thing sometimes is not good. Arthur was at school until 5:30 and I just had to make it until then b/c with him my sanity level goes up....I have more sanity when he's around!!

I've learned something about myself...if I miss one day, it'll be tough, tough, tough for me to start up again. When I almost didn't work out on Friday I thought to myself, 'this will be the beginning of the end.' So, I got up off the couch and worked out and it felt GREAT!!

Alrighty, thanks for stopping by. Until next time, "
Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony." -Gandhi

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Amy's Week Two

I'm four pounds down, only 26 more to go!!! I'm pretty proud of myself for actually sticking to the two pounds a week.

This week was interesting. It was my little brother's birthday and we took him out to dinner on Wed. I tried really hard to prepare myself for not eating what I normally eat and after some research I realized I could get at least the burger and not the fries and be fine. Hurray!! I was glad b/c the burger is my favorite part. I did have some fries too!!!! There was also a night where Arthur came home late from work and he still had to eat dinner. I ate two dinners that night. Nothing huge, but none the less, two dinners.

With all the temptation, I feel I'm adapting to not eating as much pretty well. Of course, I still have slip ups, but I think that's normal. Workouts this week have gone smooth and successful. I lifted three times doing 3 sets of 12 reps, squats; 3 sets of 12 reps, power cleans; 3 sets of 12 reps, bicep curls; 3 sets of 15, back row; 3 sets of 12, lunges; 4 sets of 40, ab cross overs. During each one, I have a certain amount of weight on the bar or I'm holding dumbbells. One Tuesday and Thursday I did the bike workout. It's still difficult and hopefully I can add some more length to our ride/workout.

Welp, thanks for stopping by. Until next time, "Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail." - Ralph Waldo Emerson