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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Becky's Week 8 & 9

Last weekend we went up North.  It was fun.  But, I forgot to post. Sorry. 

Week 8

Weighed in Friday November 12 at 178.2 down from 180.3 the week before. Lost 2 pounds!  Awesome!  I was careful with what I put in my mouth and I was careful with my portions.  I didn't count calories, but watching portions helps my caloric intake without actually counting. 

Week 9

We started our weekend up North by going to The Olive Garden with both sets of parents.  It was in celebration of our anniversary. Four years this month!   I got the Portobello di Ravioli - I know, right! Amy, you introduced me to that lovely dish.  I should have eaten only half, but at half I didn't want to stop, so I didn't. 

Then I pigged out at my mom's house until Tuesday! Didn't watch what I ate, didn't watch portions.  I am not shy about eating at my parent's house, apparently. I need to watch that...I think I'm prepared mentally for next time.

I got treated to Cafe Rio and I ate my whole chicken salad.  Oh. So. Good.

I also had Dr. Pepper.  The first one was an experiment instigated by my sisters.  They mean well.  Not sure the experiment worked but I don't think you want the details, so I'll spare you.  The second and third DP's were just because I had tasted the sweet nectar of the Dr. and subsequently I caved...twice.  Total of three cans.

I'm disappointed I didn't exercise more self control.  But, like I said, I think I'm prepared mentally for next time.

Since we returned home I have been a little better.

Last night Nate and I went out to dinner to celebrate our anniversary alone.  We went to a place called Pepperbelly's.  It was yummy and we shared a dessert.

This morning I weighed in at 180.8. Gained back those 2. Darn.

I probably won't post next week because I will be up North celebrating Thanksgiving, of course.  But, here is my plan between Thanksgiving and Christmas:

Count ALL my calories from November 29 through December 23.  That's about three and a half weeks - 18 days not including the weekend, which we don't. And I'm going going going to start exercising at least three times a week. Lately, I hate exercise.  I used to love it....what happened?  My goal is to lose 3 pounds.  Then I think I will take a break from counting calories until January 3, 2011. (Break December 24 - January 2).

Does that sound like a good plan?  I think so. 

"That which we persist in doing soon becomes easy to do. Not that the nature of the thing has changed, but our power to do has increased." Ralf Waldo Emmerson

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  1. Good plan and GREAT goals!! Watch what you eat and portion control!! Going out of town is always hard...that's my time to PIG OUT!!! We'll see how I do when Christmas rolls around.