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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Becky's week 7

So, I'm 180.3. Pretty much gained a pound. Did NO EXERCISE this week and ate a buttload of candy. I'm so in trouble for the holidays. It's even going to be hard to maintain with icky snow. I hate hate hate exercising inside on carpet! It just grosses me out.  It can be clean fresh new carpet and sweating over or on it just makes my skin crawl. I need someone to smack me and say "Get over it! You need the exercise!" But, I don't want to tell anyone that...who WANTS a smack and yell?  Not me. 

I think I'm going back to counting my calories this week.  I want to be back in the 179 area again...or lower!

This is SO stinkin' hard!


  1. 'Get over it. You need the exercise!!' Becky, you will see so many results just by adding the exercise...regardless of your eating habits. Your metabolism will speed up and you can eat that candy and still maintain. Exercise in the kitchen or in the bathroom or where there's no carpet...entry?? Love you keep it up!!!