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Monday, September 27, 2010

Week in review and other tid bits

Like Amy, I am going to post a review of how the week went....on Saturdays.  But, this past Saturday, I was too busy.  PARTYING!!!  It was my birthday.  31 now.  wow!

Anyway, on with the review of last week.

My number one goal right now is to log all my food (Monday-Friday) into  That is what I am using as my food log/calorie counter/nutrition analyzer.  So far I really like it. The only day I missed logging was Friday because we left that morning to go up north to visit a friend and hang with family for my birthday weekend.  Four out of five days....not too bad.

Overall, my calorie counting went well.  I only went over calories one day and I have a really good excuse for that!  Tuesday I got a migraine, complete with an eye floater.  I haven't had one that bad in a long time!  As the migraine hit me I downed THREE hot dogs! I was panicking!  That's 446 calories just for the dog part, not counting the buns or condiments!

Also, after hours of sleep in a dark room (or with something over my eyes), the only way to really snap me out of a migraine stooper (relieve the pain) is to give me (which Nathan did!) a nice, tall, cold, 20 oz. Dr. Pepper.  It's just what the Dr. ordered.  Does the trick but that's 225 calories!!!  So, Tuesday I was well over my calories. 

Wednesday I was way under my calories because I slept so much and made sure the migraine had passed. So, maybe Tuesday and Wednesday balance each other out?

Exercise....well, I ran Monday morning.  Walked Tuesday and Wednesday mornings and nothing Thursday and Friday.  I still haven't attempted strength training and I'm pretty sure the serious thought of it on Tuesday is what made my head revolt by spiraling out of control into migraine mayhem.  Maybe I'll think about strength training NEXT week. 

I can't really tell you if I've lost any weight because I have a very imprecise scale.  Let's just say I am feeling much better in my skin and my clothes are feeling different.  And so far, that's good enough for me!

Amy has ended two of her posts with cool quotes.  They reminded me of a billboard I would see in Lincoln.  I can't remember EXACTLY what it said, but it was something like this, "If you are saving your breath to exercise tomorrow, tomorrow you may not have the breath." ~don't remember if there was an author cited either.  Cool quote though huh?


  1. What's an 'eye floater?' It sounds bad enough even without a definition. I agree with you on the feeling better in my skin and in my clothes. Feels great!!!

  2. It's kinda like the thing you get when you look at the sun and then everywhere you look there is the sun burned into your retina. Only this thing moves and squiggles and makes my vision blurry and makes me sick...nauseous or nauseated. It's the precursor to a horrendous headache.

  3. Yucky!! I'm sorry you had to experience that last week. I hope this week goes much better, with regards to the migraines. Did you get a job?

  4. Hey Becky! Cute hair! Where are you living? If you need some motivation I am running a 1/2 marathon in Provo Canyon the day before Halloween and you can dress up! If you are close you should come run it, Kristen Ridge is running it with me too! I know things like that always motivate me! I am excited to follow you on this journey and I know you can do it!