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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Amy's story and more.

I'd like to echo everything my wonderful cousin Becky said...way better than I ever could have said it, BTW.

I'm so ready to lose those extra...several...pounds. I, too, have been heavily inspired by my awesome sis-in-law and also by the fact that I will be WAY more accountable for what I do now that others are involved in my/our journey. I'll be blatantly honest, I've got about 25 pounds to lose, but if I lose 30 I'd be fine with that. Just in the last two months or so I've gained too many lbs to count, 7. Is that too many?? I guess if I can count them on two hands, it's countable. So, I guess my goal is to lose 30 pounds by August 23, 2011, the day I turn 30.

I'll tell you a little about me. I've fluctuated with weight my whole life, but up until this point, like my cuz, never really felt the need to lose weight. I was comfortable with my body. Since I've had my daughter (who will be two in December) I've seen weight come and go. For me, unfortunately, it has been coming and not going for about 8 months. My before pregnancy weight in Jan '08 was 173...highest I hit while prego, 196. After giving birth I range between 162 and 167 for the duration of breast feeding, about nine months. I've peaked, this morning, at 181.6 and I don't like feeling like I'm out of control, but I believe I am, slightly. My goal weight is 151.6 and boy will it feel great putting on those dusty jeans again!!

This is where Becky comes in. I need someone to literally spell it out for me and I'll do it. She's going to be my training and sooner or later I'll become hers, but for right now, I'm one of her cheerleaders and I know she's one of mine. I love that through a simple text conversation we came to this agreement and I'm so exciting to begin this battle/wrestle along side her. I can't leave out the husbands in the equation...THANK YOU for supporting us!!!
I've included some before pics. You're welcome!


  1. Great post Am. You've got me thinking. I think I might lower my overall weight loss goal. My goal was my weight when I graduated from high school, 130lbs, roughly a 50lb weight loss. Now that I think about it, that seems a little small. We'll see. I'm thinking.

  2. I love that your goal is 156.6 :) You are so awesome!

  3. This is great!!! You girls are totally gonna rock this... don't. give. up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    blogging about my personal weight loss (on my private blog deemed strictly for my arse and squishy bits)was one of the biggest helps for me... it put things into perspective and i wrote about EVERYTHING... the ups/downs/victories/failures. So way to GO, girls... i'm really rooting for you both here!!

    thanks for letting us cheer you on during your journey... you'll do great!!!

  4. You guys rock!! You are TOO cute!!

  5. Go Amy Go! We are going to be working out too, hard core. It will be fun to swap stories and encourage each other on. You're amazing! Keep up the good work!