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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Becky's week 12 & 13

During week 12 (as you know, Amy) my sister Julie had her baby!  I went up north to join in the celebration and GIRL! did I celebrate.  Donuts, Cafe Rio, Dr. Pepper, LOTS of See's Candy and just lots of yummy food in general.  I could not resist.  Usually, looking back I'm so disappointed in myself...not this time.  I just let loose and enjoyed the LOLA JOY festivities. She is so worth it!

I gained one pound - 183.8.  Not bad...I thought it would be worse, but not progress in the weight LOSS direction.  I also thought that the poundage needed time to register and I would be much heavier by the end of week 13.

Week 13 - 181.9.  Lost almost 2 lbs.  That's good.  It was Nathan's birthday this week and the Pepsi Christmas party so we got to eat out twice.  Both times I saved half my meal for the next day's lunch.  That was so I wouldn't over eat...but I still felt SO full with even eating just half.  Whenever I do that is makes me wonder how and why I usually finish my meals in restaurants.

Can't wait for Christmas!!!!

Can't wait to see YOU Amy!

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